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Custom Precision Finishing and Passivation

Industrial Precision Surface FinishingRP Abrasives (RPA) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified job shop that has worked with many industries and educational institutions in the United States, providing them with precision finishing to meet their particular requirements.

  • Medical: Metal finishing and deburring for implant parts, surgical instruments, trays, housings, and other products used in surgery, operating rooms, hospitals, and doctors’ offices.
  • Defense & Aerospace: Parts for handheld weapons, computer-controlled weapons and defense systems, parts for vehicles & ships, parts for jets, satellites, and other space exploration equipment.
  • Vacuum & Semi-Conductor: Small & large parts deburred, prepped for coating, polished or buffed to achieve a smooth, measurable surface finish.
  • Food & Beverage: Providing surface finishing or deburring for housings, clamps, spouts, impellers, stators, and other food & beverage equipment parts.
  • Investment Casting: Removal of parting lines, removal of cast finish, polished, buffed, satin finish.
  • 3D Printed Parts: Precision surface finishes inside and outside complex printed parts.
  • Forming & Stamping: Burr removal, precision surface finishing, providing radiuses, mass finishing and or deburring.
  • Prototype: This is a unique area for RPA; we have worked with labs in each of the previous industries above, helping them to develop finishes that make their products function more effectively while working to help the overall aesthetics of their products.

RPA has also worked with major university development labs to achieve the precision surface finishes that may help them reach their perspective goals.

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RPA is always looking for challenges and new opportunities. So if you are in one of these industries or working on that next new thing, please contact RPA today. We will gladly work with you to find that ideal surface finish that will last for years.