High Energy Metal Finishing

The Most Efficient Mass Metal Finishing Available

Metal FinishingHigh-energy metal finishing, also known as mass finishing, is an incredibly efficient way to polish sizable amounts of metal parts at once. Parts can be finished in a matter of minutes. Instead of waiting weeks for your parts to be finished, we can have them to you almost immediately. When time is of the essence, high-energy mass finishing is the way to go.

The process of high-energy mass metal finishing (also known as harperizing) involves placing metal parts, media, water and surfactants in a barrel. Sealed with a lid, the barrel is then rotated on a carousel that holds four barrels. The carousel spins one way, while the barrel does the opposite. This creates a powerful centrifugal force that finishes the parts in a very timely manner.

At RP Abrasives, we have four high-energy mass finishing machines. The machine pictured here has a capacity of 80 liters. We also have two 120-liter machines and one 20-liter machine. Which machine we use for your project depends on the number and size of your parts. We favor Mass Finish Inc. high-energy metal finishing machines because we find them to be the most reliable and durable. We also finish products using vibratory finishing.

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