Carbon Steel Tumbling

Vibratory & High Energy Tumbling of Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel TumblingIf you’re looking for superior carbon steel tumbling services, look no further than RP Abrasives. This process involves polishing rough metal parts in mass to achieve the desired effect. Carbon steel can be tumble-finished using various methods and can take minutes or hours, depending on the batch size and requirements.

At RP Abrasives, we specialize in high-energy and vibratory tumble finishing techniques. High-energy tumbling is done by putting carbon steel parts, water, and a surfactant into a tightly closed-lid barrel. The barrel is spun to create a powerful centrifugal force that efficiently finishes the metal parts. We have four high-energy tumblers ranging from 20 to 120 liters.

Vibratory tumbling utilizes friction to smooth the steel objects. Media vibrate against the steel parts to reach the desired level.

We can tumble finish an array of carbon steels:

  • 4xxx Series (41xx, 43xx, 46xx, 47xx, 48xx)
  • 8xxx Series (81xx, 86xx)

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