Surgical Instruments Industry

Specialty Metal Surfacing for Surgical Instruments & Equipment

Surgical InstrumentsRPA has worked with some of the surgical instruments manufacturing industry leaders in developing finishes for their equipment. The finishes medical industries require vary based on what they are being used for. We may just deburr, or deburr, clean & passivate surgical instruments and equipment. We could also utilize a tumbling, bead blast, or any combination of these processes. RPA works with its customers to meet their exact specifications.

Surgical instruments; this area of the medical industry tends to like satin finishes that are smooth but non-reflective. As you can imagine, when a person is in the operating room the last thing that is needed is shiny objects that may distract or reflect into the surgeon’s eyes.

The non-reflective finish can be applied to the surgeon’s tools or just some of the equipment around him. Even though many of these items get some kind of treatment, coating, or plating on the surface, what lies under that final finish can make a big difference in its ability to be non-reflective. Some of these finishes are achieved by a series of tumbles or tumble and bead blast. One of the most important aspects of any of the finishes for surgical instruments is that it is smooth with no areas where bacteria can hide.

Let the Experts at RP Abrasives Finish Your Surgical Instruments

As with all industries that RPA works with, we think about how it will be used and take great care in finishing parts so that the user has confidence in whatever instrument they use. In almost all of the processes that RPA does, our role in finishing medical equipment is unknown by the end user but is vital to how the part functions’ when in use.

So whether it needs to be deburred, tumbled, bead blasted, cleaned, or passivated, RPA will finish your surgical instruments to your exact specifications.