What is ULTEM?

ultem materialULTEM™ is a type of polyetherimide (PEI) thermoplastic that’s used across a variety of applications due to its high strength, dimensional stability, tolerance to high temperatures, and impressive chemical resistance. ULTEM is easy to machine and fabricate and is known to have some of the best, most stable dielectric properties of all available thermoplastics.

Because of its ability to handle more demanding applications compared with other thermoplastics, ULTEM™ is most often used in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. Common applications of ULTEM™ parts include medical instrument components and reusable medical devices, electrical insulators, structural components, scientific equipment parts, and much more.

ULTEM Capabilities at RP Abrasives

At RP Abrasives, we have the unique ability to serve customers that supply ULTEM parts for us to finish. These parts are usually housings for medical devices. RP Abrasives can process this material and provide a proper surface finish depending on what the customer’s part is used for. Oftentimes, the finishes are smooth and highly reflective, uniform matte, or roughened.