Stamp Forming Industry

Metal Finishes for Stamped, Drawn or Cut Parts

Machine Finishing | metal finishesBy nature, the metalworking industry, also known as stamp forming, tends to be large volume parts that require some amount of deburring and finishing. This also holds for those metal parts that are formed by being drawn through a mold. The other way to form parts is by laser, water jet, or conventional cutting, possibly bending to the desired shape. Because the metalworking industry requires some level of customized metal finishing, RPA has become a leader in solutions for metal stamping and forming applications by using one or a combination of finishing processes like mass finishing, deburring, or bead blasting. We are confident that our state-of-the-art facility and team of industrial metal finishing experts can easily achieve a burr-free, evenly finished part that will resist corrosion and degradation for years to come.

Whether it’s a mass finishing tumble to deburr and/or achieve edge break or a bead blast technique to achieve an overall consistent finish, RPA has the ideal surfacing solution for the metalworking industry. Perhaps it’s a combination of both operations to achieve the final finish before plating; whatever the solution, RPA has the knowledge, ability, and capacity to make your metal parts ready for market.

Work with RP Abrasives for Your Finishing Needs

So if you have a metal part stamped, drawn, or cut, please call or email RPA, and we can give you a customized quote. As always, samples are done free of charge. No samples? No worries, RPA can also quote from prints or drawings.