Mass Burr Removal

Custom Deburring Solutions for Metals & Plastics

Burr RemovalIf you have machined parts with excess materials or burrs, we’ve got you covered with our mass burr removal services. Deburring is where RP Abrasives got its start. We can handle metal burr removal in batches ranging from several to millions of parts. Since 1996, we’ve been steadfast in our commitment to finding the most cost-effective methods to remove burrs from all types of metals and plastics for our customers. As a result, we’ve become leaders; we can even remove burrs in hard-to-reach areas without sacrificing the integrity of your parts.

Mass burr removal, also called 'batch deburring,' is done by using a type of tumbler as its base. There are generally three types of tumblers used for deburring: vibratory, high-energy, and centrifugal. The type and size of tumbler we use to deburr your parts hinges on the scope of the nature of the project. Mass deburring can also be done via other techniques, including basket blasting and ultrasonic deburring.

Ask Us About Our Mass Burr Removal Services

For a free initial batch deburring consultation, call us at (603) 335-2132, contact us, or request a free quote using the form below! We’re based in New Hampshire, but we provide services throughout Massachusetts (MA), Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), New York (NY) and nationally.