Food Processing Industry

Food Grade Deburring, Passivation & Tumbling Services

RPA Deburring | Precision Finishing ServicesRP Abrasives (RPA) has been working with the food & beverage industry since 2005. Most of the parts worked on for the food processing industry have been stainless steel. Still, all the parts for the food & beverage industry have required ultra smooth, precision finishing services, thus eliminating areas for bacteria to hide and grow.

As with our unique customers, several RPA processes work to achieve the desired finish, such as tumbling and deburring. Depending on the size and material of the part, it could be a high-energy tumble for smaller, more intricate parts, while for the larger parts, a vibratory tumble works extremely well. Some food processing equipment could require polishing (sanding) or buffing (smoothing). This is sometimes referred to as “handwork” and is done by one of our expert operators on a buffing jack. Many of the parts made of cast aluminum for the food processing industry require these two steps, but in some cases, the tumbling processes that RPA can use replace or reduce the amount of “handwork” time spent on a part, thus reducing cost.

Work with RP Abrasives for Your Finishing Needs

RPA has worked hand-in-hand with many of our food & beverage customers as they are developing a new piece of food processing equipment. This gives them a better understanding of how the design will affect finish quality and may lead to a simpler design for cost-effectiveness.

So the next time you need ultra-smooth, precision finishing services, call on RP Abrasives. As always, RPA does samples free of charge and will happily provide a quote from them. No samples? No worries, RPA can quote from prints or drawings as well.