Custom Metal Prototyping

Metal Prototyping for Individual Parts & Complete Models

Metal PrototypingRPA is very proud that we have worked with some of the best companies and Universities, providing custom metal prototyping services to develop high-quality products for the marketplace or experimentation in their laboratories.

Our custom metal prototyping services are ideal for clients developing a new product and, therefore, must develop the individual parts that go into that product. Essentially, any industry-developing products containing precisely-produced metal parts or components would utilize this finishing service. It supports customers in evolving their new products more quickly and economically than they otherwise would.

Custom prototyping has given RPA unique opportunities to experiment with the different processes that are available to us, from bead blasting to tumble, from high energy tumble (harperizing) to buffing by hand to automated tumble buffing (polishing) RPA can blend these different metal prototyping processes to reach the desired end result. Our customized solutions also allow RPA to work with exotic materials that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive in standard production work, including Inconel, Kovar, Nitronic 60, and Nitinol.

For instance, RPA has worked with tantalum, masking surfaces, and bead blasting other surfaces. The knowledge gained by working with these prototypes has allowed for higher confidence in working with the more common materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc. RPA has worked with various groups of these metals and many of the plastics such as Ultem and acrylics.

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