Vibratory Finishing

Increase the Durability and Lifespan of Metal Parts

Vibratory FinishingVibratory finishing is the process of smoothing metal parts by leveraging the force of gravity. The parts that need finishing are placed into a vibratory machine’s tumbler tub. The machine then vibrates the parts, water and abrasive media to achieve the desired finish. How long the process takes depends on the number of parts, their roughness and their size. Vibratory finishing is also safe for fragile parts.

RP Abrasives is a leading New England metal finishing company that offers quick turnarounds on our mass finishing services. Since our company was founded in 1996, we’ve made remarkable strides in our knowledge of vibratory metal finishing. We also specialize in high-energy mass finishing, which involves polishing parts using centrifugal force.

At our New Hampshire facility, we have an assortment of vibratory mass finishing equipment that is used for jobs large and small, including:

  • One 3-cubic-foot Torx vibratory bowl
  • Two 3-cubic-foot Sweco vibratory bowls
  • One 3-cubic-foot Ultramatic vibratory bowl
  • Two 5-cubic-foot Ultramatic vibratory tubs
  • One 1-cubic-foot Almco vibratory tub
  • Various sizes and shapes of plastic and ceramic medias

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