Defense & Aerospace Industry

Custom Surface Finishing for Defense and Aerospace

RPA has done many finishing jobs for the defense industry as a third-party processor. We have provided; pre-plate, pre-paint, and final finishes on aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, cold roll steel, and plastics. Many of these finishes are done by blasting the part with various media and beads such as; Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead, Silicon Carbide, and steel shot. But blast finishing is not the only finish our partners working with the defense industry have asked of us. There have also been requests for finishes that require several different steps such as; tumble then bead blast, tumble then polish or deburr then polish to a very smooth finish.

Each finish that the defense industry requires has to meet certain specifications that are called out for in the drawings or prints. In many cases, there may be several different specs. per drawing, which will require RPA to mask some areas of the part while putting the finish on the areas called out for.

One of the many things RPA offers our partners is a place where more than one process can occur. Such as a need for deburring while putting the right finishes on a part before plating or painting. Or perhaps, maintaining sharp edge breaks while providing smooth or semi-smooth surfaces for plating or painting.

RPA has also done work for the aerospace industry as a third-party processor. Working with many partners, we help them meet the print's finish requirements. In most cases, when you talk about finishes for aerospace, the requirement is for the smoothest finish possible. For example, Ra readings low as 1 microinch.

RPA has, over the years, developed proprietary processes that will take surface finishes down to as smooth as possible without damaging or pushing out of spec. the edge breaks. Now aerospace does not confine itself strictly to smooth or polished finishes. When another finish is required, we can use many of the processes developed for our other industries to meet these requirements.

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) is an export control regulation designed to help ensure that defense-related technology doesn't end up in the wrong hands. RP Abrasives is registered with the DDTC so that we may ensure government standards of excellence are met while handling materials listed in the USML. At RPA, we take the responsibility of the ITAR Registration seriously. Our state-of-the-art facility, experienced personnel, and security equipment ensure we meet the highest standards. For more information about our ITAR Registration, please contact us.

Work with RP Abrasives for Your Finishing Needs

RPA takes great pride in helping our defense industry meet its finish requirements. As with all industries we work with, we concern ourselves with whom and how it will be used so that the finish meets the needs, enhancing the part and keeping it functioning for a very long time. Request a free quote below for your next project!