Vacuum & Semiconductor Industry

Custom Metal Finishing for the Electronic, Vacuum and Semiconductor Industries

Semiconductor IndustryRP Abrasives (RPA) has worked with the vacuum, electronics and semiconductor industry since 1999. These industries often use sophisticated and very expensive coatings to create the complex & sensitive assemblies that they build. To achieve the performance required, surface finishes and purity must meet very high standards. The finishes required must eliminate any flaws such as nicks, scratches, or rough machine surfaces.

This is where RPA comes in, we have worked directly with our customers, and at times their customers, in helping to design finishes that will achieve their desired results. Our customers have come to know us as the finishing company that not only understands what we need to do on their parts, but also how it may affect those areas that RPA is not required to finish.

Because of the complexity of these parts and complex needs of the semiconductor industry, RPA will use several different processes on the same part. This could mean high energy tumbling, bead blasting, and handwork such as DA sanding. If a part needs mass finishing or bead blasting to achieve a certain finish, but other areas cannot be touched, RPA will mask those areas from our finishing process to ensure all components are protected.

If you are in the vacuum or semiconductor industry and are in need of specialized, precision surface finishing, please call or email RP Abrasives for a free quote. We are also happy to provide samples free of charge.