Deburring Metal & Plastics

Safe & Effective Burr Removal

Do you have machined parts with excess material or “burrs” on them? Burr removal is where RP Abrasives got its start in metal finishing. From our inception as a company, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the most cost-effective way of removing burrs from a variety of surfaces. We can remove burrs even in those hard to reach areas without compromising the tolerances or integrity of your parts.

Manual Deburring Process

We will work with you to see if one, or a combination of, our mechanical processes such as mass finishing, will work to achieve the removal of a burr or burrs. While at the same time giving you a finish that maintains the integrity of your part. Some parts are so small they require deburring under one of our many types of microscopic deburring stations, or one of our high-resolution micro camera stations.

Our Quality Control Department (Q.C.D.) will work hand in hand with yours, to assure that all specifications and tolerances are met, and continue to be met as we ramp up into production lot sizes.

Hand Deburring

We use a variety of tools and methods when hand deburring. Each part has a unique process developed for it. This can range from a short single step on a buffing jack with a non-woven wheel to a multi-step process. This method is kind of a misnomer as we may use a number of machines in combination with handheld tools to get the part right.

Batch Deburring

Batch deburring, sometimes called mass finishing, can be just as varied as hand deburring. Benefits of this process are primarily uniformity and cost-efficiency – when all the parts are deburred together for the same length of time, you’re getting the consistency of a single finished product without the expense of doing one part at a time.

Most batch deburring uses some type of tumbling as its base. Tumblers tend to be one of several types: vibratory, high energy, and centrifugal. Each of these types varies greatly in size, which governs both the size of the parts and the size of the batch which can be tumbled. Our team will determine the media to match both the material the part is made from and how much work the part is going to need. Medias range equally broad in terms of types, sizes, materials, and shapes. In addition to tumbling, batch deburring can also include basket blasting and even ultrasonic deburring.

Contact the Finishing Professionals

We can handle burrs from the smallest of parts to the biggest. Deburring is where we got our start, and we have been perfecting our abilities ever since. When we remove the burr we still maintain the tightest of tolerances. Request a quote from RP Abrasives today!