Medical Implant Industry

Specialty Metal Surfacing & Cleaning Services

RPA has worked with some of the leaders in the medical equipment industry in achieving the finishes required for manufacturing their products. The finishes that the medical implant industries require to vary based on what they are being used for. We may just deburr, or deburr, clean & passivate. Or it could be a tumbling, bead blast, polishing, or any combination of these processes. RPA works with its customers to meet their exact specifications.

Implant parts for the medical implant industry are very different than the tools or equipment that the medical industry uses. Because these parts will be implanted into the human body, the exacting specifications are above reproach. Each part must meet all dimensional and finish smoothness measurements with no exceptions.

For example, if the finish requirement is for a Ra of 1 microinch with no plus or minus, this finish must be met all over the surface that requires it. This sets RPA apart from other finishers in that we will meet this requirement every time.

With implants, it is not always about smoothness, though. It could be that the implant must be free of all burrs and maintain all the dimensional tolerances. Again RPA prides itself on meeting those exacting specifications.

Work with RP Abrasives to Finish Your Medical Parts

As with all industries that RPA works with, we think about how it will be used and take great care in finishing parts; this is especially true with implant parts. Many of us here either know someone or have experienced the use of an implant, whether a knee, hip or another device. What is unique about the job that RPA does is that it is virtually unknown to the end-user but vital to how the part functions when in use.

Whether it needs to be deburred, tumbled, polished, bead blasted, cleaned, or passivated, RPA will finish your medical part to your exact specifications.