Titanium Finishing

Specialized Finishing for Military, Aerospace & Medical Industries

Titanium FinishingFor titanium finishing services of the highest caliber, look no further than RP Abrasives. At RPA, we understand the importance of this critical metal and its wide use in various industries. The high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and high heat tolerance make titanium the ideal metal choice for the aerospace and medical industries alike.

Tumbling titanium involves polishing pieces in bulk to obtain a smooth finish. We at RP Abrasives specialize in two types of titanium finishing: high-energy and vibratory tumbling techniques. High-energy tumbling is completed by putting parts, media, water and a surfactant into a barrel with a closed lid. The carousel spins one way as the barrel rotates in the opposite direction. In the process, a powerful centrifugal force is created that efficiently finishes the titanium parts to the desired level.

RP Abrasives houses four high-energy tumblers ranging from 20 to 120 liters, with our largest tumbling machine at 80 liters. We prefer Mass Finishing Inc. tumblers because they are remarkably reliable and durable. The machine we use for titanium finishing depends on the batch size.

We offer tumbling services for an array of titanium metal types:

  • CP TI (AKA Grades 1 -4)
  • Commercially pure (CP)
  • Ti 6AL-4V (Grade 5)
  • Ti 6AL-5V (Grade 23)
  • Beta C

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