Investment Casting Industry

Customized Metal Finishing Solutions for Investment Castings

Investment Casting IndustryFrom the very beginning of RP Abrasives (RPA), the finishing services for the investment casting industry have been an integral part of their portfolio. Whether it is the removal of the gate and or bringing it to a mirror finish, RPA has a solution that’s right for the job. RPA can even passivate the actual part.

RPA passivate’s to ASTM 967 and or AMS 2700 standards with our citric acid passivation process which includes ASTM 380 cleaning step prior to passivation.

In the case of gate removal, RPA’s polishing services can not only remove the gate, but also maintain all radiuses or contours of a part. This process can also be applied to investment cast parts that have been machined and need the machine lines removed. If the finish required calls for a much more refined surface finish, such as a measurable smoothness (Ra), or reflectivity (mirror), RPA has processes for that as well. Whether high energy tumbling, vibratory tumbling or a combination of polish & tumbling, RPA can achieve a smooth and or reflective (mirror) finish. If a brush finish or satin finish is required, RPA can accommodate using our state-of-the-art buffing or bead blasting processes.

That is the truly unique part of using RPA as your finishing experts, we have so many different processes at our disposable and can combine any of them to reach the finish specifications required. So if you’re in the investment casting industry, or a manufacturer or end user of investment castings call RPA for a free quote today. We also provide free samples that we can then build a competitive quote from.