Metal & Plastic Finishing Capabilities

Bead Blasting

RP Abrasives offers various customized shot and bead blasting services, with the capability to precisely blast parts from 1/2″ up to 3 square feet.

  • Two Zero Clemco bnp 220 blast cabinet with turntable; working dimensions 37″x 49″ x 42″
  • Three Zero Clemco bnp 65 blast cabinet with turntable; working dimensions 33″x 35″x 35″
  • Two zero clemco bnp 55 blast cabinet working dimensions 36″x 18″x 25″
  • Three Empire MH-2636P pressure blast cabinets with working dimensions 26″x 36″x 26″
  • Three Empire BB2 tumble blasters (dual gun 300lb part capacity)
  • One”Jimmy” tumble blaster (single gun 25lb parts capacity)
  • Two Comco MB1000 microblasters


RP Abrasives offers extensive passivation solutions from stainless steel, citric acid, ultrasonic and titanium passivation services.

  • Two Branson ultrasonic tank; working dimensions (15″x 21″x 16″)
  • One Skytron Crestline ultrasonic cleaning system; with 1 ultrasonic tank ( 16″x 22″x 10″)
  • One non ultrasonic rinse tank ( 16″x 22″x 10″)
  • Two Crest bench-top ultrasonic tanks
  • One model LC60H (6″X 11 1/2″X 6″)
  • One model LC30H (5 1/2″X 9 1/2″X 4″)
  • Passivation line with 5 non-ultrasonic tanks 36″ dia x 12″ deep
  • Passivation line with 5 non ultrasonic tanks 45″ x 20″ x 10″
  • Stellar Solutions; Citrisurf 2250 ( citric acid)
  • Global diversified products; diversaclean 8000, aluminum cleaner 8007
  • BCS; Blue 110 cleaner
  • Kleen Strip; denatured alcohol, acetone
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Drying Capacity

  • One New Holland model K-94 spin dryer
  • Two New Holland k-24 spin dryers
  • One Desco spin dryer

Polishing and Buffing

  • Two Wilton square wheel variable speed sanders
  • Five Dynabrade orbital sanders
  • Various cotton buffing wheels and compounds


  • Four Baldor bench-mounted buffing jacks
  • One Baldor pedestal-mounted buffing jack
  • One Dynabrade Dynafile
  • Two Dynabrade die grinders
  • Two Dremil tools with various bits
  • Various hand-deburring tools; knives, files, stones, etc.

Tumble or Mass Finishing

  • One HZ 12 MFI high-energy machine
  • One HZ 80 MFI high-energy machine
  • Two HZ 120 MFI high-energy machines
  • one HZ 160 MFI high-energy machine
  • One 10 cubic foot Torx vibratory bowl
  • Two 3 cubic-foot Sweco vibratory bowls
  • One 3 cubic foot Ultramatic vibratory bowl
  • Two 5 cubic foot Ultramatic vibratory tubs
  • One 1 cubic foot Almco vibratory tub
  • Various sizes and shapes of plastic and ceramic media

Inspection Capabilities

  • One Vision Engineering; model ts-3 stereo Dynoscope
  • One Vision Engineering; model Mantis elite
  • One Dino-lite; pro digital microscope AM 413T 10-200 power with measuring capabilities
  • Two Dino-lite; pro digital microscopes AM 412N 10-200 power
  • Five stereo microscopes with 5 to 10 power
  • Two Mitutoyo SJ-210 surface roughness tester
  • Three granite surface plates
  • Numerous verniers, calipers, pin gauges, block gauges and other various measuring instruments

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