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Custom Bead Blasted Finish for New Voltower Power Strip

Voltower with Bead Blasted Finish
In June of 2015 a gentleman by the name of Dean Rosenblum reached out to RP Abrasives about putting an “Apple iPhone finish” on a product he was working on bringing to market. Now I must tell you this is not the first time a new product development person or group has contacted us, but Dean was very enthusiastic which in turn built our enthusiasm for this project.

Bead Blasted 600 Series Aluminum

Now what Dean was proposing was a unique product, but it was something we use in everyday life, and although I had the drawings I still had a bit of trouble seeing the “big picture” if you will. So when Dean asked if we had some type of samples to look at in regards to bead blasted finishes I wasn’t quite sure how to respond, as this was not something we ordinarily do. Because his product was going to be made of 6000 series aluminum I set out to get some aluminum strips which we then cut into coupons, then bead blasted them with the various materials and grits that we have available. I then sent these to him so he could get an idea of what we offered and what would work for his particular project. Long story short, we set aside a day for Dean to come up and get his production parts bead blasted to his desired finish. As we spent the day together nd he told me the back story of how he developed this product I too began to grow in enthusiasm. We settled on a medaium grade glass bead blasted finish that was smooth to the touch, but would hide fingerprints and all the other issues that happen in everyday home life to appliances.

The Voltower from Abov is truly a unique, but practical problem-solving product for use in everyday life, and we here at RPA are proud of the role played and getting this product successfully launched. We look forward to working with Dean again, along with the other visionaries out there who take their idea or dream and turn it into the next big thing. If you’re interested in learning more about how RP Abrasives’s advanced capabilities and expert engineers can help turn your dream into reality contact us today!